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Reindeer Dippin


Owned By: Cotton Rosser, Reindeer Dippin has bucked all challengers to the dust well before the eight second whistle. In fact, of 97 career “outs” from the steel-barred chute, this 1550 pound, black and white brahma cross has allowed only five cowboys to complete a full ride. The Rosser Family lives a life that revolves around professional rodeo. The spirit and showmanship of the old west is alive and well in the form of Flying U Rodeo.  

Reindeer Dippin has his own Candle Collection available in 40+ flavors in the Roughstock Candle Collection by The Candle Ranch.  The art has been designed by Denise Rich who visited the Flying U Rodeo Ranch and capture photos of Reindeer and went to the drawing board and collectively created these beautiful images hand painted in her studio located in El Cajon California.  

Proceeds from this candle goes to theThe Mikel Moreno Memorial Scholarship Fund which was created in memory of Mikel Moreno when he lost his battle to cancer in 2006 at the age of 18. Mikel was the son of Julio and Cindy Moreno and the grandson of rodeo legend Cotton Rosser.


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