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Roughstock Candles featuring "Reindeer Dippin Edition II"
The Candle Ranch

Roughstock Candles featuring "Reindeer Dippin Edition II"


The Roughstock Collection featuring The Exclusive Candle featuring 3x Bull of the Year "Reindeer Dippin Edition II" painted by artist Denise Rich. Choose from three sizes, over 60+ fragrances and you can choose to have a magnet or no magnet on your candle made especially for you. 

The Candle Ranch takes pride in each candle we individually hand pour, each candle is poured with a special Ranch Blend of Pure Soy Wax, with a long lasting Fragrant Scent wrapped with a beautiful label featuring Reindeer Dippin Art designed by Renowned Artist Denise Rich of El Cajon' California and a back label showcasing details about Reindeer Dippin. 

We guarantee that each candle we pour will start a conversation and end with a lasting fragrant experience.  

All paintings featured on the candles are available through each artist.  Please visit DENISE RICH to purchase this an other paintings she has available.  She also provides custom art for you as well, and we would love to provide custom candles for your next event or special moment using the art provided. 

More About Reindeer Dippin & The Rosser Family 

Reindeer Dippin is known in the Western Lifestyle Industry as A67 and has bucked all challengers to the dust well before the eight second whistle. In fact, of 98 career “outs” from the steel-barred chute, this 1550 pound, black and white brahma cross has allowed only five cowboys to complete a full ride. He is also the father of 3x World Champion PBR Bucking Bull Bushwacker.

Owned by Dr. Cotton Rosser, The Rosser Family lives a lifestyle that revolves around Professional Rodeo. The spirit and showmanship of the old west is alive and well in the form of Flying U Rodeo.

The Artist of this beautiful painting Denise Rich visited the Rosser Ranch and captured photos of Reindeer Dippin for which she painted off the photo she captured to reveal this perfect hand painted exclusive piece of art that showcases every detail of this beautiful Rank, Strong very determined athlete we call Reindeer Dippin. 

Proceeds from this candle goes to the The Mikel Moreno Memorial Scholarship Fund which was created in memory of Mikel Moreno when he lost his battle to cancer in 2006 at the age of 18. Mikel was the son of Julio and Cindy Moreno and the grandson of rodeo legend Cotton Rosser

Information About Our Candles: 

BURN TIPS: Let the wax melt all the way to the edge of the glass the first time that you light it. It should burn evenly after that. The ideal burn time is up to 2 hours at a time. Keep the candle away from drafts or air vents so that it will burn evenly. Trim the wick before you relight: just pick up the candle (make sure the wax is dry), turn it upside down and clip off excess wick (let it fall into a small plate or bowl). Clip so that there is about 1/4' each time you relight. Don't let the trimmed wick or burned wick fall in the wax: this will cause the candle to burn at a hotter temperature and give you less burn time. The candle should not release smoke while it is burning. Some smoke my appear for a few seconds when you extinguish the candle and a bright ember may appear. This is perfectly normal and because the wick is cotton and non chemically treated. When the candle is almost done, the wick should self extinguish. There will be 1/4' to 1/2' of wax left in the bottom of the glass - this is normal so that the candle doesn't get too hot at the bottom of the glass. If the candle wick does not self extinguish, do not let the candle burn all the way to the bottom. 

8oz Mason Jar - 40+ hours if you use our burn tips when burning your candles. 

12oz Mason Jar - 60+ hours if you use our burn tips when burning your candles. 

16oz Mason Jar - 90+ hours if you use our burn tips when burning your candles.

SAFETY TIPS: Don't leave the candle unattended or with pets or children. Don't place the candle near fabric (curtains or towels) or anything combustible. The candle is safe on most surfaces but if the surface is delicate or has a special finish, do not place the candle on it. Put it on a separate tray or dish. Don't forget to let it cool before touching so that you don't burn yourself.

TIP: Save and keep or re-purpose your Mason Jar when the candle is done. Gently pull out the metal wick holder and remove wax residue with either hot soapy water or by placing cup in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use as a drinking glass, to hold fresh cut flowers from your flower garden, or use it as holder for your favorite things. 

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