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About us

March 5, 2008 - Deep in the heart of Texas lays one of the most unique candle companies ever to come down the pike. With the mention of candles one usually reflects imagery of a meadow of wildflowers, or the vivid thoughts of a relaxing tropical paradise. Those familiar with The Candle Ranch™ are seeing and smelling things a bit differently, never before has one associated the scents of orange vanilla with a 2,000 plus pound superstar bull named Reindeer Dippin; or Lemongrass Sage with the rage and fury of bad boy Ricky. These are just a couple of the wild fragrances available in the new ROUGHSTOCK CANDLES™ series being introduced this week by The Candle Ranch™.

There is a softer side to this unique companies fresh line of fragrances in our Rodeo Collection, Equine Collection and Barnyard Collection where you and choose from over 60+ fragrances like KiKi a scent of key lime pie, named after several time Entertainer of the Year and personal friend Kenny Chesney. Another spectacular treat for your nose is Momma O’s Sugar Cookies, boasting a fresh from the oven sugar cookie aroma that takes you back home to Grandma’s house. Uniqueness follows through to the candle labels with prints of original paintings by personal and dear friend artists Denise Rich & Terry Stanley. 

The Candle Ranch™ appreciates the overwhelming support they have received from everyone that’s been involved with their passion and purpose. To learn more about THE CANDLE RANCH™, ROUGHSTOCK CANDLE COLLECTION™, EQUINE CANDLE COLLECTION™, BARNYARD CANDLE COLLECTION and their many other fragrances such as  visit today.